Water Control Select


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Automatic, time-saving watering for your garden. The GARDENA Water Control Select allows flexible, customised planning of 3 different watering schedules (watering start, duration, day of the week can be set). This battery-powered control is simple to operate with just a turn-and-press switch for selecting data and confirmation.

  • Flexible irrigation with 3 independent watering schedules
  • Safe Stop technology: If the battery levels are too low to completely control an irrigation process, then the process will not start.
  • Water Now function: If the irrigation has to be started immediately, this can be manually activated without removing the unit from the tap or changing the settings.
  • Simple, intuitive programming with the turn-and-press principle. An easily-legible LC display shows all settings at a glance.
  • Can be connected to a GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor, which will override a planned watering cycle if the soil moisture is sufficient.
  • Fully weatherproof operating unit
  • Made in Germany

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