Aquabloom Solar Powered Irrigation Set

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The GARDENA AquaBloom set is a complete ready-to-use irrigation system that automatically waters up to 20 plants with pressure-equalising drip heads. No mains electricity or a tap is needed, just an a additional bucket of water and you’ll be ready to go. So this is perfect for patios, greenhouses and allotments. The heart of the system is a 3-in-1-main unit, which combines a pump to draw water, a control unit to define the irrigation schedule and a solar panel that feeds the included rechargeable batteries. The 14 pre-defined watering programs ensure all your plants are cared for and installation is quick and tool-free, in 5 simple steps.

  • Solar powered automatic irrigation system -works without electricity and a tap supply
  • A ready-to-use set that contains everything you need, including the rechargeable batters.
  • Water up to 20 plants with 14 pre-defined watering schedules
  • Quick & Tool-free set up in 5 simple steps
  • Flexible placement of the solar panel allows maximum sun exposure.Can be wall-mounted, free-standing or hung on a pot plant
  • Made in Germany

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