Planted Area Starter Set


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Water-saving irrigation for 40m2 of kitchen gardens.The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System Starter Set Planted Areas is used for the convenient irrigation of flower and vegetable beds, and is ideal for short vegetation periods in vegetable beds. The pressure-reducing Master Unit is connected to the tap with the aid of a hose. The plants are gently watered via the pipe system and the flexibly used Spray Nozzles with differing output angles

  • Set includes: 1 Master Unit 10001 connecting pipe 25 m4 Spray Nozzles 90°1 Spray Nozzle 360°1 L-pieces 13 mm (1/2″)1 cross fitting 13 mm (1/2″)5 Pipe Guides 13 mm (1/2″)5x Extension Pipes for spray nozzles5 control valves3 Plugs 13 mm (1/2″)10 Pipe Pegs 13 mm (1/2″)1 Installation Tool
  • Ready to use set for 40m2 of irrigation
  • The Spray Nozzles with their different output angles can be varied in height using the Extension Pipes, and in width using the Control Valves.
  • Simply installation with the patented Quick & Easy Connection technology
  • Made in Germany

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