Go Kindling 3kg


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Need to fire up your wood burner fast? Our kindling sticks are ready to use, delivering a quick ignition and a longer burn time. Create a glowing fireplace or a hot BBQ without lighter fluid and unnecessary toxins. In addition, our dry kindling sticks possess moisture levels below 20%, giving you strong, enduring heat, whether indoors or outdoors. So discover our sustainable kindling wood sticks for a planet-friendly way to heat your home and cook your food today.

There’s nothing better than a hot glowing fire on a cold winter’s evening. So stock up on these kindling wood sticks, suitable for open fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. Choose a sustainable and clean energy fuel for your fire needs, like natural firewood and firelighters. You’ll find the best kindling for wood burners and fireplaces at Green Olive Firewood, so why not save money and the planet by making the switch today?

So why do we love these natural kindling wood sticks:

  • Kiln-dried to very low moisture levels

  • Clean, fast burn

  • Quick to light

  • Easy to handle

  • 100% sustainable by-product

  • 2kg per bag

  • Convenient net packaging

  • Ethically sourced in the UK

  • Low emissions

  • Reduces energy costs

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