Gourmet Crumble 3kg


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Our most indulgent bird food attracting the widest variety of garden birds. This Gourmet blend contains a high proportion of energy-rich sunflower hearts. With added suet pellets and peanut granules for more calorific content, complemented by pinhead oatmeal as a slow-release carbohydrate

  • 100% free of wheat. A cheap filler used in many bird food mixes that has very little nutritional benefit and will often end up scattered on the ground around your feeder.
  • No Waste. All of the ingredients are free of husks and shells, meaning everything can be eaten leaving no waste. Anything that does fall to the ground will be eaten by ground feeding birds
  • The best ingredients. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its quality, nutritional value and palatability.
  • Attracts more birds. Quality ingredients ensure birds return to your garden again and again.
  • Feed all year round. Feeding a high energy bird food is not only important in winter months, but also through spring and summer breading season and when raising their young.

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