Pea Alderman


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Pea Alderman

  • This well-known, heavy-cropping heritage pea variety is one of the most popular tall varieties – plants can grow to 1.8m (6ft), so support is essential. The large, dark green, slightly curved pods open to reveal on average 9-11 super tasty peas. Keep plants well watered to prolong the picking season. Maincrop maturity.

  • Sow March to June every 10 days for successional cropping. Sow 4cm (1½in) deep in flat-bottomed drills, spacing the seeds about 2.5-5cm (1-2in) apart, and in rows 150cm (60in) apart.

  • When plants are 10cm (4in) tall, erect strong supports at each end of the row and attach pea netting or chicken wire. The pods will be ready to harvest about 12-13 weeks from sowing. Pick regularly for higher yields and to extend the picking season.