Hedera Gloire De Marengo 3L


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‘Hedera Canariensis Gloire De Marengo’, also known as Algerian Ivy, is an evergreen climber with an extremely vigorous growing habit. Its attractive, variegated foliage emerge from deep red stems giving year-round interest to walls, trellises and archways. They require little support to climb due to their clinging roots and their berries provide much needed food for over-wintering birds.

  • Flowering Period: Autumn but insignificant

  • Max Height: 4m. Max Spread: 4m

  • Aspect: North, South, East and West

  • Soil Type: Acidic/Alkaline/Neutral. Chalk/Clay/Sand/Loam

  • Position: Full Sun or Part Shade

  • Hardiness: Hardy down to -10C to -15C.

  • Pruning: Pruning is not required but can be done anytime to keep them within a space.

  • Comes with our 5 Year Hardy Plant Guarantee


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