Kalanchoe with Ceramic Pot & Stand 7cm


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Kalanchoe are popular indoor flowering plants indigenous to subtropical Madagascar. They come in a variety of vibrant colours and are relatively easy to care for. Considered succulents, they have thick, fleshy leaves and produce multiple clusters of colourful blooms. Displayed in a ceramic pot with a stylish metal stand, just simply position and enjoy your Kalanchoe whilst it puts on a dazzling floral performance. They also make a wonderful gift!

  • Temperature: 13C – 30C.
  • Light: Bright position but not direct sunlight.
  • Watering: Sparingly. Wait until soil is completely dry before watering. Will not tolerate over-watering.
  • Humidity: Requires moderate to high humidity levels. Mist regularly.
  • Max. Height: 15-30cm
  • Toxicity: Mildly toxic to animals and non-toxic to humans.
  • Air Purifying: No
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