Sansevieria Laurentii 14cm


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More commonly known as ‘Mother-In-Law’s Tongue’, Sansevieria are one of the most recognised house plants around. They’re notoriously easy to care for and are almost indestructible requiring little care and occasional watering. Their long, upright growth suits a variety of interior styles and provide a warm presence with their distinctive green and yellow foliage.

  • Temperature: 12C – 27C
  • Light: Bright spot but not direct sunlight. Can adapt to shadier positions.
  • Watering: Allow soil to dry out completely before watering.
  • Humidity: Does not require increased humidity levels.
  • Max. Height: Up to 1m
  • Toxicity: Mildly toxic to pets and humans. Keep away from children and animals.
  • Air Purifying: Yes. Releases Oxygen at night.
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