Codiaeum COCOZ® Pot 17cm


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The foliage of the Croton Petra (Codiaeum Variegatum) boasts impressive variegation. Glossy, dark green leaves are mottled with fiery hues of orange, red, yellow and pink which will produce a vivid display of colour for your homes and interiors. Part of our plastic-free range, grown COCOZ® pots made from coconut coir.

  • Temperature: 15C – 29C. Keep away from draughts.
  • Light: Bright light and will tolerate early morning/late evening sunlight.
  • Watering: Little and often. Keep soil damp at all times but not waterlogged. Water with lukewarm water.
  • Humidity: Requires high humidity levels.
  • Max. Height: 1.2-1.5m
  • Toxicity: Toxic to pets and mildly toxic to humans. Keep away from infants and animals.
  • Air Purifying: Yes
  • 100% Plastic Free
  • Subject to availability at your local Blue Diamond store.

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