Spathiphyllum Bellini 13Cm


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The Peace Lily, also known as Spathiphyllum Bellini, is a tropical species and a favourite flowering houseplant. They have long-lasting, pure-white flowers that stand on tall stems above a back drop of beautiful, glossy, bright green leaves. Their flowers are long-lasting and may even produce two blooms per year offering a stunning show of colour for your home and interiors.

  • Temperature: 12C – 24C
  • Light: Bright spot but not direct sunlight. Can adapt to shadier positions.
  • Watering: Little and often. Keep soil damp at all times but not waterlogged.
  • Humidity: Requires moderate to high humidity levels. Mist regularly.
  • Max. Height: 40-50cm
  • Toxicity: Mildly toxic to pets and humans. Keep away from children and animals.

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