Rain Diverter Kit


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This water butt stand fits 200ltr Barrel Water Butt. Made from recycled plastic with a 5 year guarantee.

  • KIT INCLUDES: 1 x Rain Diverter, 1 x 20mm Connector, 1 x Washer, 1 x Nut, 1 x 500mm Hose
  • Collect the water that falls on your house roof, shed or greenhouse automatically from your rain down pipe.Fits standard 68mm round or 65mm square plastic down pipes (not suitable for cast iron down pipes).BEWARE Do not use an electric drill if the Butt contains any water.Fitting Instructions:1) Take the lid off the water butt. If your water butt is not predrilled then you will need to drill a 25mm hole to fit the rain diverter.2) Drill a 25mm hole near the top of the water butt on the side closest to the down pipe (some water butts may have drill points indicated). Push connector through the washer from inside the butt, then fit and tighten the nut on the outside to form a seal.3) Position water butt with tap facing forward and adjust to down pipe. If using a stand place the butt on it. Mark the down pipe 10mm below the top of the butt. Mark again 30mm below this point, using a hacksaw. Cut out this section.4) Fit rain diverter with square end up into the cut section of the down pipe. Release any clips supporting the down pipe in order to insert the rain diverter body and refit once diverter is in place.5) Connect hose between rain rain diverter body and the water but connector.FINAL NOTEIf correctly fitted, the butt will fill to within 10mm of the top. If water butt overflows – raise the butt. If water level is too low – lower the butt. If the water level is too low ensure rain has fallen to fill the butt before lowering.KIT INCLUDES:1 x Rain Diverter1 x 20mm Connector1 x Washer1 x Nut1 x 500mm Hose

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