20M Textile Hose Liano


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The GARDENA Textile Hose Liano™, made from highly-durable fabric, is particularly convenient to handle and exceptionally agile. The hose is made up of an inner tube coated in a strong textile fabric, which makes it easy to manoeuvre around the garden without kinking or twisting, and pressure-resistant up to 35 bar. This lightweight hose is easy to store on a hose trolley or reel, and comes complete with a Threaded Tap Connector suitable for three different thread sizes, Hose Connector, Water Stop and Cleaning Nozzle.

  • Easily manoeuvred around the garden, with no kinking or twisting
  • Guaranteed durability due to the stong textile fabric, with a burst pressure of 35 bar
  • Easy storage. The lightweight textile hose can be stored on a hose reel or trolley
  • UV and frost resistance
  • 30 Year warranty

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