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·         24-watt heated base

·         Ideal for the keen gardener looking to grow seeds and cuttings in volume

·         Economical to run

  • Size Check: 59cm (23.25”) Long 41cm (16”) Wide 26.5cm (10.5”) High 24 Watt Power Non Thermostatic Temperature Control
  • This large electric propagator features a 24 watt heated base. Ideal for the keen gardener looking to grow seeds and cuttings in volume. An injection moulded growing tray and crystal clear high dome vented cover sit on the heated base and create optimal growing conditions. The XL High Dome Electric Propagator is an ideal unit for growing vegetables, flowers or herbs. Whether raising seeds or rooting cuttings, this simple non thermostatic control unit provides the perfect low cost means to growing success. Economical to run, the 24 watt heated base consumes minimal power. The electric base provides warmth which aids fast germination and supports young plant development. The crystal clear extra high top cover with adjustable vent enables the control of ideal humidity conditions. All components are injection moulded in rigid plastic to give many years of repeat use. The growing tray (without drainage holes) is an ideal drip / irrigation tray for smaller pots or seed trays while the clear cover gives a full 15cm of height clearance. Please note the planted trays and pots shown inside the propagator are not included with the unit. Size Check: 59cm (23.25″) Long, 41cm (16″) Wide, 26.5cm (10.5″) High External

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