Kadai 60Cm Tula Firepit


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The Tula Firepit is hand-beaten in the traditional way from one piece of thick steel to form a beautiful fire bowl with robust hand-forged handles. Comes boxed with a Low Stand and Tongs to enjoy purely as a firepit.


• Includes Kadai beads to protect the
bowl, insulate the ground and store
the heat for extended cooking times.
• Traditionally beaten from thick mild steel
for strength and durability.
• Handmade by family workshops in India.
• Low stand is perfect for sitting around
barbecuing or using as a firebowl.
• Use with cooking tripod and swing grill
as a barbecue (sold separately).

Care and maintenance of your Firebowl/Firepit

The Firebowl will take on a natural finish, this is part of the character of the bowl.
Periodically use an abrasive pad on the bowl and stand to remove any loose rust, then apply a thin coat of Owatrol Oil.
All of this can be achieved with the Kadai Care Kit – sold separately.
Regular vegetable oiling of the grill will keep it in good condition.
We recommend that your Firebowl/Firepit is stored undercover or protected, if possible, with the Kadai Shield when not in use.

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