Delicious Dips


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Everyone loves to ‘chip and dip’. Featuring more than 50 recipes from light and healthy snacks to rich and creamy recipes for sharing, here you’ll find a dip for every taste and occasion.

  • Whether as a first course at a dinner party or a snack in front of the TV, dips are a simple yet satisfying way to entertain at home.

  • With over 50 recipes for dips and salsas that are healthy and hearty, as well as a few naughty, creamy bowls to indulge from. Suitable for vegetable and crisp dippers alike.

  • Sales of tahini are said to have nearly doubled [in the last year]. Supermarkets, which had barely heard of the stuff five years ago, suddenly can’t get enough of it.’ (Independent) – proving the demand for creating homemade houmous and green goddess dips.

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