Davinas 5 Weeks To Sugar Free


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Hi, my name is Davina, and I’m a sugar addict . . .’Davina McCall loves a challenge. And giving up sugar has been one of her toughest yet. In this beautiful cookbook, Davina shares her favourite super-healthy recipes that have helped her kick the sugar habit and cut out junk food for good.These recipes:*are easy to make but taste amazing*contain the foods that help you look and feel great*have no long lists of scary, hard-to-find ingredientsThis is real food for real life!5 WEEKS TO SUGAR-FREE also includes a 5 week meal planner that works towards curbing sweet cravings and cutting out all processed foods. Davina is no guru, she’s one of us, so her plan also includes pudding recipes that help the most sweet-toothed chocoholic kick the added sugar habit.Simple, delicious and brimming with flavour, these recipes take the faff out of sugar-free!

  • Davina McCall is one of the UK’s most loved presenters. She has fronted TV’s biggest programmes such as BIG BROTHER and DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. She has more recently been seen presenting LONG LOST FAMILY, which won a British Television award and quiz show MILLION POUND DROP.
  • A national hero, Davina inspired the nation to donate to Sport Relief earlier this year, when she ran, swam and cycled 500 miles in 7 days. To date she has raised over £2 million for the charity.
  • Admired for her amazing figure Davina has one of the UK’s biggest selling fitness brands thanks to her workout range, which is currently stocked in Argos stores around the country. Her workout DVDs have frequently topped the charts and have sold over £1.5 million copies in total. Davina’s figure and glowing skin are a walking advert for her cookbook.
  • Davina is tapping into the hugely popular sugar-free trend. With her credentials we feel confident we can emulate the sales figures of I QUIT SUGAR (30K).
  • Davina has a huge social media following with over 2 million followers on Twitter and 200K Facebook likes.

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