Birds Watercolour Art Pad


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Even beginners will be able to produce beautiful watercolour paintings of birds with the help of the guided projects in this book.Fifteen original artworks by acclaimed artist Emma Faull have been reproduced as outlines on high-quality watercolour paper, so that you can achieve beautiful results and enjoy the relaxing practice of watercolour painting.At the front of the book, you’ll find inspiration in Emma’s original artworks, as well as the recommended colour palettes to use. You’ll also find advice from the artist on how to get started and guidance on professional watercolour techniques.To get started, simply choose an outline on watercolour paper and pull it out of the book, then follow the artist’s step-by-step advice on creating beautiful watercolours and use the gallery of finished artworks as a guide. The professional paper will also work beautifully with other media, such as acrylic paint, artists’ pencils and art brush or marker pens.Includes the following birds:European GoldfinchPeacockHummingbirdAmerican Blue JayWoodpeckerWrenMandarin DuckGolden Eagle

  • Following the stunning RHS Flowers The Watercolour Art Pad
  • 15 outlined artworks for your to complete, printed on professional watercolour paper
  • The RSPB has more than 1 million members

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